HoReCa Projects

Baroque Events & Garden

Too less green on the neutral color wheel of the city. The magnificent forest-garden from Baroque is carefuly designed with focus on a discreet landscaping. A little piece of heaven found in the middle of the town. The entire landscape design is in total agreement with the built environment. 

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Casa Doina

Sometimes, an historical monument of architecture is defined by the passion with which the time has swept over the architectural concept engraved in „stone”. The concept that was shaped for the wine cellar arised from the Neo-Romanian style’s defining motifs that underline the architectural creation of 1892. The unique design is adapted to the context with precise regard towards the sensorial perception, togheter with a well-controlled gravitational effect. Moreover, the two ends of perspective create the main points of interest. In a relationship of opposition, the entrance is through a vertical garden and the latter is unveiling as a wine showcase. The materials are reminding of a Neo-Romanian wine cellar, reinterpreted to present themselves as modern textures.

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Bistro Buzau

Location: Buzau, Romania

Cafe Nescafe

Trespassing the trivial idea that a coffee shop should only serve its function.  Our vision states that everything deserves its own design relied upon the most valuable elements that define the entire/substance (of the) activity.The Cafe Nescafe bar design reflects the inspiration of an arabic coffee place with Anatolyan motifs placed with Providence to create a delightful space for savoring time… with a side of coffee.

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Platinium Casino

Location: Bucharest, Romania

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